What’s the Best Butt Plug for a Beginner?

The best butt plugs for beginners are made from bendy, flexible material like silicone, with a smooth tapered tip for gentle insertion, and a slender girth. If you’re hoping to work up to something a little bigger, a butt plug training kit is great.

What should I know before purchasing a butt plug?

In addition to choosing a plug with a flared base, it’s important to check that your toy is body-safe. Since sex toys are sold as “novelty items,” they’re more or less unregulated by any federal agency, meaning it’s up to you to make sure that materials are safe to put in, on, and around your genitals. Remember: Cheaper toys might be made of chemicals that can leach into your body.

How to Use a Butt Plug

It may seem that the easiest way to insert your butt plug is to lubricate it and simply slide it in. That requires the anus to accommodate the widest portion of the toy, which might not always feel comfortable. If you’re having difficulty getting your butt plug in, warm up with a finger or two first and use lots of lube. Help your body open up before you try using an anal sex toy.

What Do I Do When the Plug is Inserted?

Once your butt plug is inserted, you can enjoy other forms of stimulation or intercourse whilst the plug rests inside you, or you might like to try grinding against it for extra sensations. Alternatively, try moving the plug in and out of you, using the flared base.

You can leave your butt plug in for varying periods of time, ranging from 30 minutes to several hours, however we recommend that you take it out at least every hour to reapply lubricant. This way, you won’t experience any discomfort when moving around.

How to Remove a Butt Plug

Be gentle on the withdrawal, just like on the insertion. Hold the flared base in one hand and gently tug on it until you feel your body resisting. Keep that pressure and take a slow, deep breath. As you exhale, bear down in the same motion as when you go to the bathroom. If the butt plug slides out, great! If not, try it again, but as you bear down, gently angle it down 45 degrees, just like you did when you inserted it. As one side of the bulb comes out, angle it up 45 degrees.